Allison Jenks


Samuel Jacintho

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Our Story

Even though Samuel and Allison have different tendencies, pastimes, interests, and passions, the two are drawn together by a mysterious force. This force allows one another to see when the other is hurting, scared, or had a bad day. This force makes it easy for them to want to be around each other. This force drives their compassion towards each other. Bound together, Samuel and Allison seek out for each other when in need and when they are happy; hoping to share the joy. When times are tough, the one is there to pick the other up and they carry on, together. Bound by this unseen force, they know, even when they are far apart they will be drawn back to each other like stars in a binary system. This force is love. Love brings them together when one is going through failure or success, they go through it all together; as a team. Please join us in celebrating this team Samuel and Allison have created as they speak their vows bonding their love in the eternal story of marriage.